Pate Family Farms is a family owned Arizona General Partnership with a
4th generation charter of  farming.  Located in the United States, Pinal County in the
state of Arizona approximately 40 miles South of Phoenix Arizona with several farms
south of Casa Grande Arizona and Several farms between Casa Grande and Coolidge

Pate Family Farms is currently operated by Russell Pate and Janelle Pate husband
and wife being 4th generation growers.  Our mission is to produce high quality cotton
fibre, cotton seed, alfalfa forage, sorghum, wheat, and barley.  We service buyers
locally and internationally with the capability to deliver products in various formats.  
Unlike other farming operations we directly grow all our products and can guarantee
quality and consistency.  Our family are pioneers in farming in this area and have built
a world class organization ready to serve our customers needs.

We work 24 hours per day 7 days per week as the fields need constant maintenance
with irrigation, insect control, and weed control.  We have 12 hour shifts to balance the
work load across many daily activities.  Our staff has many years of experience with
technical expertise whether it be irrigation management and control, pest management
such as insect identification and remediation, or weed management to keep the
product with a consistent quality meeting and exceeding our customers expectations.
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Janelle Pate
General Partner
Some mammoth Russian
sunflowers we grew.
Russell Pate
General Partner
That is an actual picture of
the sky behind me.
Paco (right side)
Production Manager
Harvest Manager
Agricultural Specialist
Labors Systems
Flexible Staffing
Occasionally we encounter
adverse weather such as a
storm on August 26, 2013
Our three dogs that live on
one of the farms, Friday,
The Fluffy One, & Little
Taking core samples for
laboratory testing to
determine protein, total
digestible nutrients,
relative feed value.
July 21, 2013 Flooding
on one of the farms on
the West side.
August 31, 2013 Manuel and Janelle moving a broken
big bale.