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  • Using high-quality registered Alfalfa seed varieties that have been bred for
    the South West insures exceptionally healthy plants with vigorous plant
    growth, and pest resilience allow for Alfalfa cuttings on a 28 day schedule
    creating a small stem with very leafy plant for excellent feed value.

  • With our patent pending technology our fields have the capacity to yield
    between 1.3 and 1.9 short tons per 28 day cutting cycle.

  • On going soil testing and plant tissue testing allows for a tailored approach
    to create maximum impact on our fertilization program for exceptionally
    healthy plants that deliver outstanding feed value.

  • Irrigation is very critical in the South West to create healthy vivid plants
    therefore we have a process that we have developed  to make sure we
    deliver just the right amount of water at the right times to get the maximum
    output on our forage.  This irrigation cycle is twenty four hours per day
    seven days a week undertaken by well trained individuals with a single goal
    in mind to create the most efficient water schedule possible to get the
    maximum output out of our forage.
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