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The requirements to import Alfalfa directly in to Main Land China are rigid and only a few producers have the capability to meet these
requirements.  It starts with proper disease control of the fields with necessary pest prevention and fertilization.  Next it transitions in to
proper handling and storage of the single compressed bales prior to double compressing.  When we have the necessary tonnage to fill
the order we double compress the hay in to smaller heavier bales that get wrapped in film and tagged with a placard.  This hay is then
transported to the pier in Long Beach, California awaiting trans loading on to the ship for its final destination in Asia.

We work with our customers to develop requirements of hay quality and then we test all the hay coming out of the fields and only those
fields that meet or exceed the quality are staged for double compressing, loading in dry bulk containers, hauling to port, and trans loading
for its final destination.

Our team at Pate Family Farms are all trained in various aspects of farming Alfalfa in this region of the South West so you can be assured
to get a quality product when it arrives in your port.
Pressing of Pate Family
Farms big bales and
placing them in sleeves for
1150 pounds or 521
Kilograms.  Prior to
pressing they are 3'x4'x6'8"
and just small enough to fit
on the Semi-Truck straight
box for shipping from farm
to the press.
wrapped in the sleeve.  The
sleeve is necessary to keep
the pressure on the alfalfa.